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Bold and brave is the way to go. Your zone of rest and recuperation is being heavily activated by the cosmos this week.

Prioritise quality sleep and take a break from your demanding work schedule, if possible. You may be feeling extra sensitive mid-week when La Luna graces your sign. Your challenge this week is to find the balance between your usual cool logic and your heart. The Moon in your sign on Thursday encourages you to dream big! If you're having trouble gaining clarity on what your heart desires, keep a journal beside your bed to write down your thoughts and inspirations upon waking, when your mind is at its clearest.


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There is one thing that those Sagittarius people who are born on December 9 hate — do not by any chance thoroughly quench them, because, they always have the best possible solution, the smarter solution. It is known that they should be avoided when they are unsettled. As far as love comes, these people are those whose head manages their big hearts; and they sometimes tend to be gloomy and depressive in some way, in those times those who are born on December 9 anticipate an accident in everything that happens in love.

Their reservation and distance are not only a defensive system of Sagittarius people, but also a perfect cover up that disguise the disposable energy they possess. But, of course, people in general, and this implies to these, in particular, are not people who are one-dimensional.

December 9 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

So far, it can already be presumed that complex personalities, they are somewhat reserved humans, but love is especially the terrain where they do not work best. But one thing is interesting here -this almost exclusively applies to the numbers of emotional connections because they quickly enter into adventures as All Sagittarius does.


But, may this be as it is, these people are one of the most desirable lovers, and some representatives of this date have the biggest sexual appetite; in the bed, there is no trace of that restraint that they are recognisable for. These Sagittarius persons, who are born on the ninth day of December, are practical and energetic, and in some way, they are destined to succeed at work. They have persistence of character and a lively imagination that is on the alert at all times, even when they are far from jobs, and it is something that is in a way pointed to the future and the world of invention.

Those who are celebrating their birthdays on December 9 are always working in a way that they are looking into distant future, and are always hoping that they will be the ones that will change the world forever. We will add that grandiose projects and big ambition can be common characteristics for all Sagittarius people. Just because of this reason, it is helpful that they find a work environment that can follow their pace that is not easy to be developed.

They want to think first of all about everything, make a strategy and then act accordingly, but we must say something, they are not easy to understand by many, at times their ideas are too progressive and out of the regular reach.

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People love to be around you because of the positivity you bring to the table. You also care deeply for those who are around you. Your friends see you as someone they can rely on, even if they call you during the wee hours of the night.

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You always make it a point to help those whom you care about and will go out of your way to do it. They would also say that you think big and have a lot of ideas. Not surprisingly, you might end up taking more risks than you should. You might end up finding yourself in situations that can actually be quite harmful to you as far as your emotions are concerned. There is such a thing as overreaching.

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There is such a thing as overextending yourself. Know your limits. Hang out with people who are good for you as far as your self-esteem, emotional health, and mental health are concerned. Keep in mind that there are very toxic and caustic people out there. These people can pretend that they are your friend. You could do so much better by making sure that there is less of those types of people around you. Lovers born on December 9th are attractive and seductive people. To attract a person who was born on this day, you should be able to match his or her energy.

horoscope sign december 9 Horoscope sign december 9
horoscope sign december 9 Horoscope sign december 9
horoscope sign december 9 Horoscope sign december 9
horoscope sign december 9 Horoscope sign december 9
horoscope sign december 9 Horoscope sign december 9

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